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Internationally renowned scholars sinus fluid mechanics professor invited to Shen Hua books drum academic report

Research should SBW Group invited international scholars hydrodynamics discipline, Dou Hua Book professor of Zhejiang University of Technology, on June 28 to SBW made a theme of "energy gradient theory and its application in Turbomachinery the" wonderful academic report.

Shenyang Blower Group Deputy General Manager, Chief Engineer Wang Xuejun hospitality Dou Hua Book professor. Institute pneumatic chamber, hydraulic chamber, gas turbine and the turbine room technician institute concerned departments attended the meeting.

Dou Hua Book professor from Zhejiang University of Technology, National University of Singapore to introduce overseas high-level talents. He was the National University of Singapore and Singapore's Temasek Institute of computational fluid dynamics and aerodynamics academic leaders in the pulse detonation engine combustion and detonation numerical simulation, numerical simulation of non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and flow physics research, both in the international advanced level, particularly in the transition and turbulent flow stability, has made a breakthrough in originality and proposed energy gradient theory. Previously, he taught at the Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua University, and later engaged in teaching and research work in Japan, Australia, Singapore and many other famous universities, research in the field of fluid mechanics and fluid machinery, mainly engaged in computational fluid dynamics, turbulence , turbomachinery, aerodynamics of aircraft, aircraft engine internal flow research.

At the meeting, Professor Dou Hua pointed out that the book value of the maximum energy gradient function K position is most vulnerable to instability liquidity position, for centrifugal compressors, bladeless diffuser entrance is most likely to occur precarious position, no leaves expanding the inlet of the pressure instability is the main source of rotating stall and surge occurs, rotating stall and surge are two completely different instability, they are not necessarily linked, but the mechanism is the same as produced , since the gradient is caused by mechanical energy. In rotating machinery, flow instability is always reason from acting parts, acting on the largest local fluid is caused by local flow instabilities.

After the report, the chief engineer Liu Changsheng Organization Research Institute technical personnel relevant departments Hua Dou books on aspects of teaching and research cooperation in future discussions conducted extensive exchanges, based on the formation of cavitation pump cavitation energy gradient theory, based on Centrifugal compressor energy gradient theory steady expansion of four research cooperation intention.

Through this report and exchanges, so that SBW forefront of engineering and technical personnel understand the hydrodynamic theory is conducive to theory to guide practice, refining the theory in practice in future product development, development of thinking, the better for business developing

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