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Academic year 2011 will be held in Shanghai Fluid Mechanics

To promote academic exchanges, enhance friendship and cooperation , the Shanghai Society of Mechanics , in consultation with relevant units , decided to "2011 Annual Conference in Shanghai hydrodynamics " Continue sponsored by the Shanghai Institute of Fluid Mechanics Mechanics Professional Committee , commissioned by Donghua University and Fudan University co-host.

   At 9:00 on December 17, 2011 , fluid in the current year will be held in DonghuaUniversity, Songjiang campus. First performed on the opening ceremony , Deputy Dean of College of Donghua University Professor Zhang Jing as the host welcoming remarks ; City Mechanics Institute , vice chairman , Shanghai Jiaotong University Professor Xue Leiping Mechanics Institute on behalf of the city speech ; the annual meeting of invited guests , vice chairman of Chinese Society of Mechanics , turbulence and Complex Systems State Key Laboratory, Peking University professor SHE Zhen Su speech on behalf of Chinese Society of Mechanics and make speeches ; opening ceremony of the Municipal Institute of Fluid Mechanics Mechanics professional Committee , Professor Weng Pei-fen Shanghai University presided .

   After the opening ceremony , we posed for pictures before the annual conference of Donghua University Library andInformationBuilding. This annual meeting attracts Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai , East China University of Technology, Tongji University, Shanghai University, Shanghai University , Shanghai Institute of Technology , Fudan University, Donghua University and other institutions of higher education of about 240 students and teachers participated ; others also attracted a small number of students and teachers , Yangzhou University , Jiangxi University of substandard provincial universities participate.

   In the morning will arrange three General Assembly.PekingUniversityprofessor SHE Zhen Su do " turbulent mean field theory of Lie similarity " academic report. In view of understanding complex systems and other complex systems held turbulence reporting person's basic academic point of view . The report notes that the complex flow field with more and more complex multi-layer structure ; however, contained no matter how complex the system stable steady state , are bound to have a multi-layer structure ; similarity theory of Lie groups will learn and satisfied by the average amount of turbulence control equation is strictly stable steady-state system provides a practical way - based on the basic ideas and methods of system multi-layer structure , the theory of fluid mechanics will be able to continue to develop, and can be combined with real experiments and numerical experiments , for further study of complex systems has opened up a new path to flow . Donghua University Professor Wang Xinhou do " in the field of textile engineering applications of fluid technology ," academic report. Report systematically introduces the basic principles and techniques such as the use of special status of the jet flow field , such as weaving , etc. ; rich and vividly demonstrates the theoretical analysis of fluid dynamics today , the real experiment and numerical experiments related to key in Textile Engineering Technology. Dr. Fudan do " on a two-dimensional plane and the two-dimensional view of the surface geometry of the flow -based research ," academic report. The report describes the current physical configuration of curvilinear coordinates corresponding significant time with finite deformation theory , numerical examples show the movement of certain dynamic behavior of the flow field obtained by the finite deformation theory whereby boundary effects ; report also described based on calculus on Manifolds analysis methods to obtain a two-dimensional surface flow control equations , geometry pointed continuous medium ( may correspond Euclid manifold or Riemann manifold ) may directly affect the constitutive relation and flow control equation.

   In the afternoon will be divided into four sub-venue for academic exchanges , each venue , including nine reports. Breakout report covers many aspects of computational fluid dynamics, experimental fluid mechanics , bio- mechanics, fluid mechanics , hydrodynamics , aerodynamics and turbulence theory and applications. Each venue reporting arrangements 15 minutes ( including discussion time ) , providing more adequate time academic exchanges and discussions for the participants and students . Multiple reports have graduate students at the venue for young scholars provided an excellent opportunity to exercise academic exchange capabilities. Special annual meeting to get support and help the Graduate School , Office of Academic Affairs and the College of Donghua University , not only for the year will provide a very favorable environment and academic exchanges have more than Donghua University as a graduate student volunteers , many efforts will be successful in making a smooth manner. Mechanics and Engineering Science ,FudanUniversity, prepared a " 2011 annual meeting of theShanghaihydrodynamics Collection" and will be printed with the logo in the cup as a souvenir for every teacher and student participation in the annual meeting . With the development of science and technology, research areas of modern mechanics from traditional rigid mechanical movement extension to the movement and deformation of the medium can be complicated , from a purely mechanical world extension to the interaction of mechanical and physical, chemical , biological and other processes , even penetrate to the fields of economy, management , medicine and so on. - Modern mechanics will in our efforts to improve the capability of independent innovation , the new historical period of building an innovative country continue to make great contributions to the new ! In fluid mechanics ,Shanghaiwill also continue to contribute to the mechanical make academic exchanges inShanghaiand the surrounding area .

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