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International Exchanges

The Third International Symposium on Multi-media flow simulation

To promote the exchange and development of multi-media complex physical modeling of flow and mixing of the problem and numerical simulation studies, the third multi-media flow simulation to develop an international seminar on August 12, 2013 -15 days held in Beijing. The meeting registration fee is not received.

The symposium Chinese Society of Mechanics Fluid Dynamics CFD professional group of professional committee organized by the Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IAPCM), Beijing Computational Science Center (CSRC), National Key Laboratory of Computational Physics, Chinese Engineering Physics Institute of SoftwareCenterco-sponsored. This seminar is a continuation of 2009 and 2011 multi-media flow numerical simulation of international seminars. A number of well-known experts in related fields will be invited to the meeting report, relevant content Annex.

Seminar content and themes

1 mechanics of precision, high-resolution discrete methods and adaptive methods

2 much. Media Lagrangian method, Euler method and the ALE method

3 Modeling and computing interface instabilities and turbulent mixing problems

4 multiphase flow simulation and application

Conference fee and registration


Joined: August 11, 2013 14:00-17:00

Place of registration: Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics Conference reactant (Garden Road, Haidian District 6)

Abstract (English) submission deadline and the way


Abstract submission deadline: July 20, 2013


Chen_yibing@iapcm.ac.cn: do the report at the seminar scholars, please send the form to the English abstract WORD document to on July 20, 2013 via Email. (Full text using Times New Roman font, use bold fourth word title, organization, address the use of a small fourth word in italics, the authors used the fifth word, text using the fifth word). Participated in the seminar staff (whether or not to make the report) Please July 20, 2013 Seminar receipt will be sent by Email to the seminar contact.


Responsible for meeting

Wangshuang Hu Tianbao Lin

Conference Contact Chengjun Xia

Email: chen_junxia@iapcm.ac.cn

Tel 010 -59872531

Address: No. 2,Feng Hao East Road, Haidian District,BeijingPostal Code: 100094

Annex seminar special report partial list (overseas reporting person)

1. James Glimm Stony Brook

(1)       QuasilocalStatistical Data Analysis and Convergence Properties of Turbulent Simulations. PartI: Theoretical Ideas

(2)       QuasilocalStatistical Data Analysis and Convergence Properties of Turbulent Simulations PartII: Numerical Results and Physical Interpretations

2. Keh-Ming Shyue

Department of Mathemaitcs National TaiwanUniversity

(1)       Relaxationmodels and methods for compressible cavitating flow

(2)       Eulerianinterface-sharpening methods for compressible flow: Recent advances


3.IA.V.Pronin RFNC-VNIITF,Russia, Snezhinsk

Acompletely conservative difference scheme for modeling of elastoplastic flowsin Lagrangian variables


4. Maria Lukacova-Medvidova

Institut für Mathematik,Arbeitsgruppe Numerische Mathematik, Johannes Gutenberg - Universität

(1)       Kinematicsplitting algorithm for multimaterial fluid-structure interaction problems

(2)       Finitevolume evolution Galerkin schemes for nonconservative hyperbolic balance laws


5. D.A. Varfolomeev RFNC-VNIITF,Russia, Snezhinsk

PhlegmatizedPETN detonation model


6.N.A.Mikhaylov RFNC-VNIITF,Russia,Snezhinsk

On the WENOreconstruction in local characteristic variables


7. I.V. Glazyrinl RFNC-VNIITF,Russia, Snezhinsk

PIC codefor the calculation of ultra short laser pulse interaction with the matter

Calculationfeatures of MHD processes at laser-matter interaction


8. E. M. Vaziev RFNC-VNIITF,Russia, Snezhinsk

Animplicit finite-volume TVD method for solving 2D hydrodynamics equations onunstructured meshes

9. Menshov Igor, VNIIA, Rosatom,Moscow,Russia

Godunov method for numerical solution of heterogeneousmechanics problems

10. R. Abgrall INRIA, Equipe Bacchus

11. Kun Xu Departmentof Mathematics,HongKongUniversityof Science &Technology


13. E. F. Toro Laboratoryof Applied Mathematics,UniversityofTrento

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