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International Exchanges

Eighth International Conference of Computational Fluid Dynamics notice

International Conference of Computational Fluid Dynamics (InternationalConference for Computational Fluid Dynamics) is currently the most authoritative in the field of computational fluid dynamics and most influential international conferences . Since it began in 2000 , held every two years , so far, has been held for the seventh time . The meeting was the predecessor of the International Conference hydrodynamic numerical methods (ICNMFD, started in 1969 ) and the International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ISCFD, started in 1985 ) . Before the seventh session were in Kyoto, Japan ( 2000 ) , Sydney, Australia ( 2002 ) , Toronto, Canada ( 2004 ) , Ghent, Belgium ( 2006 ) , St. Petersburg, Russia ( 2008 ) , Seoul ( 2010 ) and Hawaii ( 2012 ) was held .

International conference to engage in CFD computational fluid dynamics research experts and scholars provide an important platform for international academic exchanges and cooperation, in 2014 the eighth meeting will be held in July 2014 in Chengdu,SichuanProvince . The theme is research and application of computational fluid dynamics , including CFD study new algorithms, flow mechanism and modeling progress , CFD applications , CFD history. Is expected to last five days , will be hosted by the China Aerodynamics , China Aerodynamics Research and Development Centre. The eighth session held inChina, will showcase their research work and workers in China CFD exchanges , cooperation provides a unique platform for convening the meeting will greatly promote the development of computational fluid dynamics .

This meeting is expected to about 200 to 250 people, including about 120 foreign delegates who Domestic behalf 80-130 people . Welcome to the majority of domestic workers to actively contribute computational fluid dynamics . Conference Website : http://www.iccfd8.org

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