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International Exchanges

Sixth International Fluid Dynamics Conference held in Guangzhou

June 30 - July 3, sponsored by the Chinese Society of Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics Sixth International Conference hosted by Sun Yat-sen (The 6th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, referred ICFM6) held in Guangzhou Yihe hotel. Nearly 200 delegates from China,Norway,Russia,Japan, theUnited States,Britainand other 19 countries attended the meeting. Professional Committee of China's leading experts in hydrodynamics Academician Zhou Heng, LI Jiachun academicians, professors breaks loose, professor SHE Zhen Su, Professor Lin Jianzhong, Professor Shen Qing, Professor Liu Hua, Professor Cao Zhixian, professor W.Shyy Hong Kong from Japan, Professor M.Asai, Norwegian professor John Grue, VVKozlov professor of Russia, Professor AAMaslov, Professor ESOran American, British professor NDSandham attended the meeting.

June 30, Academician Zhou Heng chaired and convened a scientific member of the International Fluid Dynamics Conference Academic Committee meeting, conducted on the academic quality of the Sixth International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and certain questions of how to run the Seventh International Conference on Fluid Mechanics discussion. In the opening ceremony held on the morning of July 1, FU Song professor atTsinghuaUniversity, presided over the opening ceremony. Chair Academician Li Jiachun first speech, on behalf of the conference organizers, said he welcomed the delegates. In retrospect ICFM series of meetings to promote the historical contributions of hydrodynamics during development, he expressed deep respect to the meeting of the founders and the older generation of hydrodynamic home. Looking to the future, he pointed out that the current rapid development in fluid dynamics and cross-frontier tradition, will play an important role in the application of air and space marine, energy, the environment, human health, information engineering of materials. Subsequently, Zhongshan University, Assistant Professor Wei Ming Hai, the famous American hydrodynamics expert, ASME behalf of Professor TE Tezduyar, executive vice president of Shanghai University, Wang Kuan funds on behalf of Professor Zhou Zhewei were delivered a warm speech, and wished the conference a complete success.

During the meeting, the experts at home and abroad multiphase fluid dynamics and spacecraft applications, strip rupture and wall turbulence, internal wave breaking and strong bottom-current, high-speed boundary layer flow control, the physical mechanism of flow separation bubble were in randomness and kinetic stream sediment flow multiscale kinetic theory and its applications, fluid structure interaction simulation parachute group made 8 Conference Report and 12 invited talks. Around the transition and turbulent flow, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, industrial and environmental fluid mechanics, biomechanics, fluid dynamics and chemistry of magnetic fluid mechanics, multiphase flow in porous media and the flow of micro-fluid dynamics and other eight topics organized four games and 15 games Conference academic report chapters academic exchanges, exchanges fully discussed and splendor. From around 19 countries and regions, more than 150 representatives made a wonderful report. Conference to promote the Chinese scholars and scholars around the world understanding and friendship. Through meetings, Chinese scholars will enrich scientific research more attention of the international community hydrodynamics.

Fluid Mechanics Conference was organized by the International Academy of Shen Yuan Zhuang every Ganyuan Shi and internationally renowned scholars hydrodynamics YCFung (Feng Yuanzhen, USA), TYWu (Wuyao Zu, USA), H.Sato (Japan), J.Zierep (Germany), respectively, on behalf of Chinese Society of Mechanics, American NCB, ASME, Japan and Germany GAMM JSFM and 1987 and co-sponsored by the organization, which currently has an international meeting Chinese Society of Mechanics self-contained.
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