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International Exchanges

Fourth International Conference on Fluid Mechanics Minutes

July 20 -23, the Fourth International Conference on Fluid Mechanics organized by the Chinese Society of Mechanics (TheFourth International Conference on Fluid Mechanics, ICFM-IV) was held in Dalian. President of the Assembly is director of Aerospace Corporation CST village every甘院士, is chairman of the organizing committee Academician Li Jiachun Institute of Mechanics , Institute of Mechanics, Secretary-General Fan Jing researcher. American Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering , Mr. Feng Yuanzhen foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (YCFung), American Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Mr. foreign academician吴耀祖(TY Wu), Dalian Polytechnic University Cheng.Material academicians as well as renowned scientists in Germany and Japan , Mr. H.Buggish famous scientist Mr. Yamamoto 121 , respectively, fluid dynamics experts from China , the United States , Japan, Canada, Germany , the United Kingdom , Singapore, Italy, France , Iran , Russia and other countries attended the meeting . Fellow of the American Feng Yuanzhen , Germany Prof. H.Buggish, Chinese Fan Jing researcher , Japanese professor F.Yamamoto, Professor Russia VL Kovalev, USA Wuyao Zu academician , professor VijsyP. Singh, Professor of Chinese shun were made entitled "Mechanics of biology and medicine "," Investigationof structure and mass transport processes in disperse systems by nuclearmagnetic "," Statistical analysis of microscale gasflows and stock price changes "," Particleimage velocimetry for gas-liquid two-phase flows "," Applicationof low catalycity heat-shielding coatings at the entrance in the Marsatmosphere "," Some reflections on recent studies offluid mechanics "," Applications of fluid mechanics inhydrology and environmental engineering "," Newsubgrid model for large eddy simulation " of the General Assembly invited the wonderful report . Delegates also were on "Multiphase flows", "Computationalfluid mechanics", "Experimental fluid mechanics", "Environmentalfluid mechanics", "Non-Newtonian flows and flows inporous media", "Biofluid mechanics", "Hydrodynamics", "Aerodynamicsand gas dynamics "," Industrial fluid mechanics "," Largeeddy simulation "," Flow instability " topic of heated packet exchanges. Delegates agreed that this meeting is hydrodynamic boundary of a grand high academic standards . The meeting on strengthening exchanges and cooperation with foreign counterparts between provides the perfect opportunity to promote the development ofChinahydrodynamic studies it has played a positive role

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