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Smart Fluid

Traditionally smart fluid into two categories ; electrorheological fluids and magnetorheological fluids . ERF is generally made of semiconductor particles in suspension dielectric oil ; while magnetorheological fluid is composed of magnetic particles in the oil in a non-magnetic suspension . Two types of fluid flow mechanism is the same ; electric field within the ER fluid particle polarization ; magnetic field MRF magnetized particles , and a linear , so that their mobility change. After removing electric or magnetic fields , they can be restored sexual . ERF in the electric field , which can be 105 viscosity changes ; example ; a typical ER fluid , in the electric field ; Just noon in milliseconds response time , you can become a gel ; this kind of process is reversible . It is also sometimes called a warm斯洛夫effect , it is the American inventor Willis temperature斯洛夫invention in 1947. The main purpose of ER fluid rapid manufacturing hydraulic valves and clutches ; their spacing is about 1mm; applied voltage of about 1KV. Magnetorheological fluid in the magnetic field , it may have been changed appearance viscosity viscoelastic solid ; changing the magnetic field strength ; precise control of its internal stress state ; force can be transmitted . Its main application and manufacture of various dampers and shock absorbers in the industry.

The new smart fluid theory focuses on new technologies for fluid and intelligent diagnostic information obtained .

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