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Computational Fluid

With the birth of new industries , extend the application of fluid mechanics to the micro- flow , multiphase flow, and other complex non-Newtonian fluid flow , while the rapid development of computer functions , people using computational fluid dynamics to implement big important topics in science and engineering scale computer simulation has become the development direction of the world's emerging high-tech research and development. calculate the actual application of fluid mechanics makes many people can get past the level of awareness of classical methods can not achieve the physical mechanism of the fluid , which is not only for high- efficiency low consumption of new technologies R & D has a significant impact , while for a deeper understanding of engineering design optimization and even have a crucial significance , for example , a large angle of attack aircraft in flight or in the case of maneuvering , the traditional means of wind tunnel tests difficult to get relevant fluid effect detail understanding of complex phenomena , in many cases, these key details are not measured by experimental means , however , based on understanding of the fundamental physics of fluid , often we know the characteristics of the fluid may change due to a small qualitative changes occur , but there is a long tunnel test experimental period , expensive and other shortcomings, all of these factors limit the wind tunnel test methods for aerodynamic design can play a role , therefore , accurate and fast method enables us to calculate the fluid flow Recognizing mechanics from "know " to " know why" , to provide timely and accurate design feedback to optimize R & D and new technology products plays an important role . hydrodynamic theory describes usually built on Navier - Basic Stowe Marx (Navier-Stokes) equations on a fluid
Cornerstone of mechanics , it has existed for more than a century , in the usual scale , reliability and accuracy of the physics of this equation does not hold people's objections in various academic and research institutions , hydrodynamic studies have mainly centered around the Navier - . Adams Tuoke Si expanded equation by solving the Navier theory that people generally - Stowe Marx simplified form of the equation and its various ways to handle complex fluid dynamics problem , the existing computational fluid dynamics research is mainly around the Navier - calculation Stowe Marx expanded equation , however, and the difficulties of nonlinear boundary conditions based on its nature , except for a few simple questions , analytical and numerical solution of the Navier - Stowe Marx equations are highly challenging task card明纳维- . Marx Stowe equations existence and smoothness remains one of the century-old problem Clay Mathematics Institute (Clay Mathematics Institute) intrinsic reward in addition to the difficulty in solving the solution , but as a kind of fluid physical description , and the description of classical mechanics Newton's equation of motion exercise , or with the principles of the equations of quantum mechanics describes the motion of the Schrödinger equation so different, Navier - Stowe Marx from the more fundamental equation is the principle of equations, after reasonable to assume that some of the physical mechanisms can be ignored after the statistical average was essentially the Navier - Stowe Marx equations describe macroscopic phenomena is of course impossible to ignore those who have been brought about by the physical mechanisms , such as fluid system phase change , non-Newtonian constitutive relations and the physical phenomena at the molecular scale processes freedom of movement . rapid development of science and technology today has made people's vision extended to a wider range than conventional hydrodynamic physical phenomena , such as microscale flow and complexity awareness and understanding of the fluid in these areas , Navier - Stowe Marx equation clearly shows its limitations at the same time , due to the limitations of today's computer power , fluid physics phenomena, such as turbulence , they can not use the direct simulation ( . direct numerical simulation) that the exact solution Navier - . way Stowe Marx equation to achieve a result, people often must also add a variety of physical approximation auxiliary mode, in which the most common and most feasible so-called eddy viscosity models (eddy- viscosity modeling). Difficult due to various reasons such as lead , uncertainty and error , computational fluid dynamics , especially in science and technology applications in the actual project has not yet been able to replace the test . Nevertheless , CFD has become one of the fastest growing discipline , which has not only to science and technology innovation as well as engineering plays an essential role , but it also represents the development direction itself the world's emerging industry.
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