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  • Fluid Manual

    流体力学研究人员、教师及学生在实际的工作和学习过程中,经常需要查询一些常用方程、公式、无量纲参数和流体的物质属性等等。为方便大家的工作和学习,本栏目将尽量收集整理上述内容,并在此以手册的形式提供给大家。本栏目材料还在逐步完善的过程中,如您愿意将自己掌握的材料与我们共享,可以直接把这些材料... [read more]

  • Turbulence and CFD

    Famous physicist Richard Feynman once said that classical physics of turbulence is not the last problem . Nevertheless , the computer is still able to let its meticulous research, but in the application of this tool we need to study more carefully. Paul Schreier tried to put som... [read more]

  • A Brief History of CFD

    English CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics ( CFD ) acronym. While the reference to " calculate " reminiscent of the computer on , but history actually dates back starting CFD 1910 - an era of computers is not yet born . During 1910 to 1917 , Richardson numerical simulation of atmos... [read more]

  • Hydrodynamics roadmap ( of three )

    Wu Jike , yellow overcome two gentleman 's article " simple mechanics of history textbooks ," the appendix has recommended books on fluid mechanics textbook , you can refer to. In front of my friends recommended thermodynamic aspects of teaching , I do not surmise shallow recomm... [read more]

  • Hydrodynamics roadmap ( of two )

    Second, the fluid dynamics BasicsTalk about the basics of fluid mechanics learn it, this part should be the focus of this blog . The core of the previously mentioned, fluid mechanics is built on the basis of the assumption of continuous media , macroscopic movement of its most c... [read more]

  • Hydrodynamics roadmap ( one )

    Learning the basic theory of fluid dynamics has traditionally been regarded as a dangerous road for beginners , to learn each end to enter the final exam , the teacher and students alike inevitably disturbed mind , this course hanging branch of fluid mechanics has become some sor... [read more]

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