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Reserch Task
  • Fluid material

    Fluidmaterials researchfocuses onextreme environmentsor specialenvironmental changes,such as high temperature, low temperature... [read more]

  • Smart Fluid

    Traditionally smart fluid into two categories ; electrorheological fluids and magnetorheological fluids . ERF is generally made of semiconductor particles in suspension dielectric oil ; while magnetorheological fluid is composed of magnetic particles in the oil in a non-magnetic... [read more]

  • Computational Fluid

    With the birth of new industries , extend the application of fluid mechanics to the micro- flow , multiphase flow, and other complex non-Newtonian fluid flow , while the rapid development of computer functions , people using computational fluid dynamics to implement big important... [read more]

  • Fluid Measurement and Control

    Focuses on the complex and non-regulated fluid measurement and control. [read more]

  • Application Fluid Mechanics

    Focuses on the fluid dynamics in the industrial field applications. The study includes hydrostatic, the basic principles of fluid motion, constant total flow basic equations, dimensional analysis and similarity theory, fluid resistance and energy loss, orifice flow and the flow n... [read more]

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