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Liaoning Focus Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in measurement and control technology and engineering design and construction of turnkey high-tech enterprises .Companies from experienced professionals in the industry structure, relying on a solid scientific and technological resources and industrial advantages of the northeast industrial Northeastern University, and in collaboration with the Northeast Centre of Metrology and Northeast EPRI and other authorities , continue to promote and deepen the industrialization of scientific and technological achievementschanges.
      My company has been contracting and engineering services in the field of measurement and control power, petrochemical, metallurgy , heat , water , environmental protection, water treatment and other industries , the main products of various flow meters, valves , level gauge , is also well-known foreign importsbrand agents .In recent years, engineering design, construction , general contracting flourish , winning one and a monument.
      Focus Technology Innovation, integrity, service , entrepreneurial spirit of the business , is committed to monitoring and control technologies and general contracting fields , to provide users with the most professional on-site solutions .Industrial equipment " safe and stable economy" is a user goal, to help users realize their dreams is our responsibility.
      We create a professional , focused, concentrate on the concept of corporate culture .Customer satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction for the service, and strive to create corporate social value , build elite team , providing customers with more quality and efficient services.
      Focus Technology is bound to continue to explore the wonderful scenery Court and enterprises and strengthen long-term cooperation .

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